Ed Evans letter to his mother, 1945


Ed Evans letter to his mother, 1945


United States -- Williamson County -- Texas.
War (World War II).


Three-page letter from Sgt. Edward Evans to his mother in Georgetown, Texas, during World War II. He details his experiences so far, cold showers, living in a tent with mosquito netting, and camp life. Part of the letter has been potentially censored as only one piece removed that exactly fits over where Evans wrote "I am in the province of ______."

Edward Lee Evans (1917-2009) from Georgetown, Texas, joined the Army Air Corps and was stationed at Foster Field in Victoria, Texas. He met his wife, Eva St. Laurent, at Foster Field and they were married during the war. Ed served in the Pacific Theatre, and was stationed in places such as India and China.


Gift of Ed and Eva Evans.


18 Jan 1945


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(Page 1)
Thursday 18 Jan 1945

Morning Mom,
Still in the same old place, really have begun to think that they have forgotten about me. Life in a tent is getting to be routine now. Can you imagine me being used to cold showers, well I take on every day, of course you can hear me yell all over camp.

Got yours and Eva's letters of Christmas and the twenty seventh. It was wonderful to know that all of you were together. Guess there was a tear or two in my eyes as I read them. Surely was glad that Eva got to meet Wallace and Mary Jane. You didn't tell me much of what everyone said but anyone could see what a wonderful person she is. I do know that she is just perfect and what a wonderful future we have together. Doesn't she write the best letters?

(page 2)
I didn't get to see much of Bombay and although some fellow have visited Calcutta I haven't gotten there as I want to be here if needed. I am able to tell you Mom, that at present I am in the province of [redacted].

Had a nice letter from Charlie written in December and surely made me feel badly that I didn't write but will promise to do so when settled. I don't want my mail coming to this A.P.O. so wait till I get my new one. If it doesn't cost a fortune I'd like to cable my permanent one to Eva.

The news certainly looks good this morning but things move slowly. Hope the time will fly by when I get settled. Eva wrote that I'll be in for lots of kidding when I get back as she (page 3) told everyone about her paying for the license and I never paid her back. By gosh that's the truth! Darn it, she always knows that I'm thinking or do most wives know that.

Lots of things to think about here; put on your insect repellant and tuck in your mosquito netting but those are important and I won't forget them.

Hope you are comfortably settled now that things are running smoothly. Know of course that there won't be as much activity there but think you will need a good rest. Take care of yourself.

Edward Lee

Mom ask Dorothy if she could give me fast delivery on a Ford when I get back?


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