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V-mail... Not E-mail


Lesson Plan: V-mail... Not E-mail


During World War II, the only means of communicating with soldiers away from their homes was through written letters. This was the time before cell phones and internet connections. Thus, writing letters to and from the United States to the European or Pacific Theater during World War II led to tons and tons of paper mail that took up much needed space on ships crossing the oceans. This space was needed for supplies and equipment necessary for soldiers and the front lines, thus the U.S. government  implemented new technology to create V…-Mail. Victory mail utilized microfilm to take pictures of a hand written letter on a pre-set template that was then reduced to a quarter of a square inch. When it arrived at a V…-Mail station, it was blown up and folded and mailed to the addressee.

Focus Activity:  Primary Source Analysis, have students read through and identify how and why V…-Mail was invented and used during World War II.
Processing:  Students can utilize the V…-Mail template to

Option 1) Summarize what they learned about World War II by writing a letter to a person during the time period of World War II.

Option 2) Extend the concepts of supporting the war effort as seen by a nation during World War II by having students use the V…-Mail template to write a letter of support to a soldier currently serving in the military for the United States.