Samuel Vaughan Stone Collection, 1936-1947


Samuel Vaughan Stone Collection, 1936-1947


Samuel Vaughan Stone (1890-1977) served in political office in Georgetown, Texas, beginning in the year 1923. He retired from public service in 1970. During his time in office, Stone served as the county tax collector, county judge, and ran for the United States Congress against future president Lyndon Baines Johnson.

During World War II, Judge Stone served on the War Production Board, was Williamson County's scrap metal drive chairman, directed food rationing throughout the county, and served as chair of Civil Defense.

The Samuel Vaughan Stone Collection showcases the various certificates of service Stone received from the government honoring his service on the homefront during World War II.

Collection Items

Certificate appointing Sam Stone to position of County Defense Coordinator, 1941
A commission by the Governor of Texas appointing Sam Stone to the position of County Defense Coordinator for Williamson County. The document was signed on Dec 20, 1941, by Governor of Texas Coke R. Stevenson and Secretary of State William J. Lawson.…

Certificate of Service for Sam Stone for serving as a Reemployment Committeeman, 1947
A certificate of service for Sam Stone as a Reemployment Committeeman in the Selective Service System. It is dated for service from "Aug 3, 1945 to Mar 31, 1947." The director, Lewis B Hershey, signed it in the "Attest" section.

Certificate for Sam Stone in recognition of his efforts serving in the National Salvage Program, 1943
A certificate of recognition for Judge Sam V. Stone's efforts in the National Salvage Program of 1942-1943 by the Texas Salvage Committee. Awarded by chairman C. E. Kirkpatrick of the United States' War Production Board.

Letter to Sam Stone from War Production Board, 1945
A letter from Allen G. Pike, Texas State Manager, Conservation & Salvage Division, War Production Board, to Sam V. Stone, thanking him for his efforts salvaging and rationing materials during the war.

Certificate appointing Sam Stone to position of Reemployment Committeeman, 1945
The Director of Selective Service - greetings to Sam V Stone, appointing him Reemployment Committeeman, Williamson County Local Board No. 2, Texas. Signed Lewis B. Hershey, Director.

Certificate for Sam Stone in recognition of his services for the National War Salvage Program, 1945
Certificate from United States of America War Production Board, acknowledging Sam Stone's "meritorious services"on behalf of the War Production Board. Dated September 30, 1945. Signed by chairman J. C. Krug.

Certificate to Sam Stone for service in the Second War Loan Drive, 1943
A certificate from the War Finance Committee to Sam V. Stone for service to the Second War Loan Drive from April 12 - May 1, 1943. There is a black and white seal of the WAR FINANCE COMMITTEE centered at the top in a starred circle. R. K. Gibbert…

Certificate to Sam Stone for service to the United War Chest of Texas, 1943
Certificate Award of recognition to Judge Sam V. Stone for meritorious service to the United War Chest of Texas. Signatures below ~ Wayland D. Towner, Secretary, Mr. Stevenson, Honorary Chairman, W.K. McClain, County Chairman, Mr. Batler, President.…

Certificate appointing Sam Stone area supervisor of Ground Observer Corps, Aircraft Warning Service, 1943
Certificate from US Army Air Forces appointing Mr. Stone area supervisor in a volunteer capacity for Williamson County. Signed the first day of May 1943. Printed in background is the emblem of the US Army Air Forces in blue. Signed by Phillip B.…

Certificate appointing Sam Stone as Chairman of Military Training Camps, Williamson County, 1936
A certificate to Sam Stone to appoint him as Chairman for the Military Camps Association for one year. It is dated April 28, 1936. Tom R. Wyles is the signature for the National Secretary. There is a black and white eagle seal printed at the top…
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